Laser Supported Tooth Coloured Dental Fillings


Direct fillings

A straightforward method to restore a damaged tooth to its normal shape and function is by directly filling the defect. To be able to have a predictable restoration we need to remove the damaged tissues. At our clinic, we routinely use lasers to assist us in this procedure. The laser light is more selective when removing the diseased tissue, compared to the conventional rotary instruments. It also aids in disinfecting the surface layer of healthy tissue, which could be infiltrated by bacteria even if it is not affected by the decay yet. In addition, by eliminating the noise and vibration of the conventional dental drill, we can make the procedure less uncomfortable, and in some cases we could avoid the use of local anaesthetic, too.

Once the decay is removed, it could be necessary to adjust the shape of the defect in the tooth, to reduce the risk of failure of the restoration. After that, the healthy tissue is conditioned, so the filling material can be securely bonded in place. We predominantly use tooth coloured restorative materials to recreate the natural shape and shade of the damaged tooth.

Indirect fillings-Inlay and Onlay

We prefer to use onlays to restore teeth, especially if they have a very large decay or old filling that is failed or fractured. The hole after cleaning the decayed tissues by lasers may be too large to directly fill it with a tooth coloured composite material or the remaining tooth is structurally weakened by the decay or filling leaving the tooth at risk of breaking.

Although we still may need to use traditional methods to treat similar kind of teeth with a crown, it mostly involves a larger amount of tooth structure to be removed. Instead, we use onlays that involve much less reduction of the tooth and treat the teeth conservatively.

We only remove necessary tooth structure with lasers and extend the filling to restore and protect the tooth from breaking. After giving the shape for the hole, we take the impression of this surface by intraoral scanner and prepare the porcelain filling in house in about an hour. We try your new onlay in your mouth and after arrangements are done, we place it into your tooth with a suitable bonding material. You can have a bite of your favourite dish immediately after leaving ONCLINIC and try your new natural looking and durable onlay!