Teeth Whitening and two Prepless Veneer

A senior manager of a factoring company in her forties was complaining  about the appearance of her front teeth. She felt unconfident because of this both in her business and personal life.

I am getting compliments after the change in my look and feeling much more confident thank you!
Ms Kaba

case 9
case after

Non-invasive Veneer Restoration

A lovely lady in her twenties was unhappy because of her front tooth which was misaligned and short compared to her other teeth.  As she is a singer this problem was affecting her speech and performance negatively which required her to be recorded from only one side of her face. A non-invasive porcelain veneer for this tooth was provided within two weeks in two sessions and without even needing to numb the tooth.

I am very comfortable with my smile on the stage now as the veneer seems like one of my natural teeth. Thank you!
Ms Kayacan

case 7
case 8

Laser Supported Gum Alignment and Porcelain Veneers

After working as a senior manager in a financial company  for many years, this very attractive lady in her forties visited us for a smile design just before her sister’s wedding. She realised that she was not smiling in photos  and she wanted to change this and have warm memories showing her smile!

Ms Onur

case before
case 6

Laser Supported Implants and Crowns

Our very smiley patient in her twenties had a traffic accident and unfortunately lost her upper front teeth. This was causing her problems in her social life. So Dr Maden increased the volume of her bone and provided her laser supported implants. Dr Erbil Maden continued the treatment with providing temporary crowns to create pink aesthetic of the gum line and then placed implant supported crowns.

case 1

Laser Supported Gum Whitening



Ilay is a true expert of his profession, and not the least, a careful provider of customised service.

O. Cenk Demiroglu
Postdoctoral Researcher at Umeå University

Ilay has been my dentist for many years. He earned my trust by making easily understandable explanations about the treatment he will follow during the case and make me feel comfortable with his self-confidence and knowledge on his proficiency. I can truly recommend him for a healthy and long lasting result for your dental-medical problems.

Zelda Ortası
Office supervisor & Assistant to CEO at Klepierre

Ilay is an excellent dental surgeon who is very well educated in his area. He knows his work to the extent of providing official coaching through conferences.

Cigir Bildiren
Technical Territory Manager, EBU – Europe & India at Cummins Inc.


Ilay is an expert on his field. He considers every detail before he starts his surgery, he invests his maximum time and energy for the best results. He completed two amazing jobs for me and my son. We are both very happy. Any problem with your gums and teeth contact Ilay. Don’t hesitate.

Nerin Bilgin
Finance Director at Organic Village Ltd

I have been a patient of Ozge for about 10 years now and I can say she is a very good dentist. She’s very friendly but also very professional, who makes me feel relaxed and also secure. Even though I trust her opinions and leave the decisions to her, she always offers me options and she explains me all the procedures when it’s a simple one or a complicated one. During the procedure she is very gentle, yet she always checks how I’m doing and if I need a break, which is very comforting… So, I strongly recommend her!

Daghan Akinal
VPI Parts and Service Engineer at Cummins Inc.

Over the last 5 years, Ms Ozge Erbil Maden has taken excellent care of all my dental needs. The professionalism and caring approach she has provided has given me the confidence I’ve never had in other dentists. She always made sure I was comfortable during all my visits and explained every procedure in detail. She always treats you like a special patient.  I trust her so much and strongly recommend her.

Ozgu Balci
Senior Brand Manager

I am a patient of Ozge Erbil Maden. I wanted to have teeth whitening and had to have a wisdom tooth out, so I went to her practice. I don’t like the dentist chair at all but I felt comfortable while I was in her practice. The main reason for my comfort was her kindness and energy. She welcomed me kindly and it can be clearly seen from the environment that she really cares about hygiene. During the treatment, she was very calm and she made me feel relaxed by informing me of every step. I think it is important to know as a patient what is going to happen during the treatment so you can prepare yourself both physically and psychologically as you have enough time, and she is really good at that. In short, I can honestly say that her calm attitude gave me confidence, made me feel relaxed and I am very glad that she is my dentist and I can trust her without any hesitation. Thanks a lot!

Cansu Tan
Turkcell Global Bilgi, Financial Control