Our Story

We are a group of dentists, with a combined experience of almost 50 years who welcome you as friends and guests every time you visit us. At ONCLINIC, located in the medical heart of London, on Harley Street, we offer a truly calm and personalised approach to your dental problems.

We are here to work with you to provide high quality dental procedures for a wide spectrum of oral health conditions, including protecting your oral health, or where needed, from laser supported minimal invasive dental treatments to complicated implant supported restorations in addition to invisible aesthetic treatments that are right for you.

For ONCLINIC professionals, dentistry is not a job. It is a passion to meet individual needs.

We believe people can keep their teeth for life. Our goal is to provide a service which exceeds the usual and customary health care.

We are dedicated to providing individual, minimal invasive, gentle and long-lasting solutions to your problems. We believe modern technology lies in the heart of providing this, but of course, human interaction, especially empathy, is always at the forefront of our doctor-patient relationships.

We want your experience with us to be ALL ABOUT YOU!
This is why we would like to learn more about you when you book a consultation appointment.

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What Our Patients Should Expect From Us

  • Being informative, gentle and empathetic.
  • Looking at “the bigger picture”.
  • Always including you in the decision making process.
  • Being enthusiastic about what we do.
  • Being on top of new treatments and modern techniques, following scientific advancements through colleague contacts, reading academic sources and postgraduate studies.
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What We Expect From Our Patients

  • Keeping a positive attitude.
  • Cooperation in the carrying out of instructions relative to treatment or preventative dentistry.
  • Taking care of fees for services when due, or, as agreed.
  • Sharing your positive experiences with the loved ones so that we can help them too, to achieve optimum oral health through a relaxed journey.


We understand choosing a dentist – for life – requires trust. We hope more specific information about us will convince you to meet us in person and stay with us for a lifetime to team working together to keep your smile healthy.

Meet the Team

We understand choosing a dentist – for life – requires trust. We hope more specific information about us will convince you to meet us in person and stay with us life time to team up for keeping your smile healthy.

Dr Dilek Guvenc DDS (Tur) PhD (Tur)
Partner, Dental Therapist GDC No: 281499
ORE registration in progress

Ozge Erbil Maden BDS (Tur) ORE (UK)
Partner, Dental Surgeon

Ceren Tosun BDS (Tur)
Health & Wellness Coach

Shabana Noorzoe
Registered Dental Nurse

Dr Dilek Guvenc DDS (Tur) PhD (Tur)

Partner, Dental Therapist GDC No: 281499
ORE registration in progress

Special interest in periodontics and implantology

I am Dr. Dilek Guvenc, a highly experienced and well-qualified periodontist from Istanbul. I was attracted to dentistry from a very early age and have always been interested in aesthetics as well. It therefore came naturally to me, after completing my five-year degree in Dentistry at the University of Istanbul, to focus on periodontology for my doctorate. So, I opted to study an area related to generalized aggressive periodontitis and cardiovascular disease for my doctorate thesis. During my PhD, I also conducted a great deal of clinical research regarding periodontology, some of which was published in SCI indexed journals. I was also awarded a distinction for my dissertation. I completed my PhD thesis in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Periodontology in 2010. Throughout my six years in the Periodontology department, I provided the advanced periodontal surgery, including muco-gingival and guided tissue regeneration procedures and implant treatment to patients of the university hospital. What is more, I taught undergraduate students, presented lectures and worked as a faculty instructor. I later went on to teach at Istanbul Aydın University and was made an associate professor in 2013. I left in order to focus on my private practice.

At the same time as pursuing my interest in research and teaching, I have been working in private practice, focusing on; implantology, treatment of periodontal diseases, aesthetic dentistry, periodontal plastic surgery and bone regeneration. I also routinely carry out facial aesthetic procedures and skin rejuvenation in my own practice, NovaDent in Istanbul, and I am a partner in the Harley Street practice, ONCLINIC. I am also often asked to consult as a Periodontal Surgeon for other dental practices in Istanbul.

I strongly believe that our discipline requires lifelong education and dedication to reach ultimate success. I have participated in numerous international congresses, symposiums and courses, in some of which I was a speaker.

I have never wanted to be anything other than a dentist. I take great pride in my work and try to rise to every new challenge. I am friendly with patients and believe it is important that they trust their doctors and they feel safe during their treatment.

Ozge Erbil Maden BDS (Tur) ORE (UK)

Partner, Dental Surgeon
GDC no: 271459

Special interest in cosmetic dentistry, restorations of implants and laser dentistry

I dreamed of being a dentist since my visit to a dental clinic at the age of 6. So, I chose to become a dentist and graduated from one of the most prestigious dental schools in Turkey; Istanbul University Dental Faculty in 2005. I started my career with a valuable six months internship in a clinic where I could learn every aspect of aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry thanks to highly experienced and respected clinicians that I worked with. I have been applying one of the most important learnings from this internship: being patient centered.

My journey of being a gentle dentist continued in a practice where I focused on using lasers to support almost all general dental treatments. In addition to using lasers, my interest in providing smile make-overs for my patients guided me to provide more cosmetic dentistry and restorations for implants as I realised it is very important for people to smile with confidence! I find it sad when someone feels the need to cover their smile.

Outside of clinic work, I own a training company, Seesaw Dental Courses, to organize training for dentists internationally focusing on lasers in dentistry. This gives me the opportunity to help even more patients!

I believe in strong communication so would love to have a chat for us to get to know each other better. It would help a lot to tailor treatments to your need while explaining you the whole treatment options in detail so you can feel as relaxed as possible.

I love nature’s beauties which is why I like trekking and hiking in addition to cycling and riding the scooter with my daughter. I also enjoy creating ceramic art.

Dr Ilay Maden BDS (Tur) ORE (UK) MSc (Ger) PhD (Tur)

Partner, Dental Surgeon
GDC no: 266862

Special interest in periodontics, implantology and laser dentistry

I believe everyone can have a healthy, good looking and functional set of teeth and smile through a strong team play. In order to carry out my part of the partnership I have gone through a series of trainings before I could train other dentists. I studied dentistry in Istanbul and received my Master of Science degree for Lasers in Dentistry from Aachen University, Germany, which shaped a big portion of my professional life. I followed this up with my Ph.D. studies in periodontology at the University of Istanbul. My practice is limited to gum health and laser supported treatments for gum disease (aka periodontology) and different conditions and laser supported implantology. I have also been regularly teaching, training, mentoring and coaching dentists on laser dentistry both in the UK and internationally, for more than a decade.

I am heavily involved in the laser dentistry world, being the scientific director at Seesaw Dental Courses; representative of the prestigious international training and education centre AALZ of Aachen University, Germany and World Federation for Laser Dentistry in the United Kingdom. I am also an Adjunct Faculty Member, Lasers in Dentistry MSc program thesis co-advisor and examiner at AALZ, an expert lecturer for Laser and Health Academy, a lecturer for the German Association of Oral Implantology, Dental Online College and a training instructor for International Continuing Education Centre for Dental Implants, Nurnberg, Germany.

A big part of my professional growth has been the hundreds of theoretical courses, hands-on courses and lectures in international congresses I have given in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

In addition to being on the editorial board of a number of professional journals and education websites I also have been published in international scientific journals.

I am also a founding member of Global Periodontal Laser Users Society and a member of World Academy for Laser Education & Research in Dentistry, European Federation of Periodontology, Turkish Academy of aesthetic Dentistry and British Dental Association.

And yes I do practice and accept new patients.

I love nature and trekking – especially in the Lake District. I also love technology.

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