All about you,

We are group of dentists dedicated to providing individual, minimal invasive, gentle and long-lasting solutions  to your problems. We believe modern technology lies at the heart of providing this, but of course, human interaction, especially empathy, is always at the forefront of our doctor-patient relationships.
Our goal is to provide a service which exceeds the usual and customary health care.
We want your experience with us to be ALL ABOUT YOU!

What our patients should expect from us

It is our promise to be informative, gentle and empathetic.

We endeavour to being on top of new treatments and modern techniques, following scientific advancements through colleague contacts, reading academic sources and postgraduate studies.



Our Services


We Welcome Nervous Patients

We welcome nervous patients because we love what we do and can’t stop talking about it (of course after listening to you first!) Our patients say that providing comprehensive information about the current state and possible treatments relieves most of our patients’ anxiety.

On top of that , we have integrated state of the art, and the most versatile dental laser in the market to our practice, to be able to provide gentler and minimally invasive treatments.


Laser Treatments

We have been using lasers for years and it is a great support for better treatment results, whether you are looking for cosmetic treatment or fighting against infection.

Being used for a wide range of applications, from snoring to lip enhancement, and injection-free treatments on teeth to wrinkle reduction, both our patients and us love our Fotona LightWalker laser!

teeth xy

Laser Supported Gum Disease Treatment

Our Fotona LightWalker has two different lasers to help you fight against gum disease. The first laser eliminates bacteria directly and stimulates healing while the other laser carries out mechanical cleansing and detoxification.

Combined, these two laser treatments provide the best environment for the gums to heal, minimizing side effects seen with conventional gum disease treatments.


Laser Supported Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are artificial roots placed to replace the natural ones if any tooth is missing. The result is the closest to nature, with minimal risk to adjacent teeth.

The main advantage of dental implants are: not requiring treatment for adjacent teeth, being easier to maintain than a bridge, minimizing further bone loss after tooth loss, easier replacement of the restoration part if needed through a screw system. Research shows that the success rate for dental implants can be over 90% this is one of the highest of any dental procedure.

We use our dental lasers to clean the site in depth from bacteria before placing implants. We also stimulate healing, minimising the possibility of any pain, swelling or any other side effects occurring with our lasers after placing implants.


teeth shining

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenations

Ageing is an inevitable ongoing process that can be slowed down. Sunlight, smoking, stress, unhealthy diet and the environment all add years to our body and face. We can age gracefully by cosmetic procedures which not only turn back the clock but make us look natural and in tune with our fast paced life.

These are called proactive anti-ageing procedures which give instant results without downtime. They can be carried out without any surgery and are safe in addition to being effective.


Laser Supported Cosmetic Dentistry

In all treatment we do, we think about cost-effectiveness, function and aesthetics. However some treatments, more widely known as cosmetic treatments, can sometimes be life changing even with minor interventions. Some of these treatments are veneers, bonding, crown/bridges, whitening, pink aesthetics and teeth alignments.

Lasers help us to minimise discrepancies when we get copies of teeth for production of cosmetic restorations, to get stronger bonding of cosmetic restorations to the teeth, to minimise side effects like sensitivity and to carry out stitch-free and injection-free gum recontouring.


differnce teeth implant
lip a

Laser Supported Facial Aesthetics Liplase & Smoothlase

Lasers help us to provide fuller lips and reduce wrinkles with non-surgical and non-chemical applications. This is the perfect solution for subtle and natural looking changes.

Non-surgical Laser Supported Snoring Treatment Nightlase

Laser anti-snoring treatment leads to increase of the tone of muscles and shrinkage of sagging tissues which increases the volume of the airway.

Increased airway volume has many advantages including increased oxygenation, which leads to increased concentration and the person feeling rested and active. Decrease in snoring is also said to improve relationships!

root canal example

Laser Supported Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the inner part – the core – of the tooth is infected. Conventional techniques have been shown to come short on disinfecting the root canal system deep enough, which may lead to problems in the long term.

Fotona laser has been proven to have a very deep disinfection effect increasing the success rate.